Monday, December 31, 2012

Trade of the Day: 12/31/12

It's baaaack. With about twelve hours left in 2012, I figured it's a ripe time to post once again and finish this year right. Anytime is a ripe time when the biggest news of the day is K.C. signing Endy Chavez. Woof. So one could also call this a head start on a New Year's resolution.
I've also decided to go out of the year with a bang: this won't be some mamsy-pamsy John Lannan scenario. This is a Beantown mind-blower, a wicked good Bahstan barn-burner. Ok not so much, since it involves a player many have suggested be dealt, even Sir Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury, Esquire. Here it is:

BOS receives P Chris Capuano, OF Andre Ethier, and P Aaron Harang
LAD receives P Alfredo Aceves, P Drake Britton, OF Jacoby Ellsbury, OF Alex Hassan, and P Andrew Miller

Here's the breakdown from the viewpoint of the Red Sox. They have a chock full 40-man, as evidenced by the Joel Hanrahan trade and the pieces included. Brock Holt has all his options left, while Mark Melancon is out of options and Jerry Sands and Stolmy Pimentel have gone through multiple ones of their own. This trade frees up two more spots, hopefully to be used for the Mike Napoli signing and a trade I'll hopefully propose tomorrow. Capuano (an arm the team contemplated acquiring just days before the 2011 season concluded) and Harang are exactly the type of starting pitching depth GM Ben Cherington has claimed he seeks, and would accomplish that nicely alongside Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Ryan Dempster, Felix Doubront, and the recovering John Lackey. The linchpin of this deal, though, is Ethier. Having missed out on Cody Ross, he becomes the big bat in right field for the foreseeable future next to Shane Victorino in center. His contract isn't too exorbitant and he can offer protection for a now much more formidable lineup. Aceves's exit is necessary, and his departure as well as possibly Miller's was recently speculated by a Boston writer.
On the flippity-flop we have the Dodgers and their reasons for such a move. Matt Kemp posted for a third straight year a negative UZR rating and obviously belongs in a corner spot, in this case right field, especially if he's making twenty million annually. Ellsbury can become the center fielder of the future for a team for whom money is no object, so signing him long-term should not be the quandry it currently is for Boston. L.A.'s roster stands at 39, though that could go to 40 if the team pursues Kyle Lohse, as has been speculated if dealing Capuano, Ethier, and/or Harang happens. Potential players to be DFA'ed include infielders Juan Uribe and Justin Sellers. Two victims would make room for the incoming Sox. Aceves's attitude would shine less brightly in his new team's star-studded dugout, and Miller would complement Scott Elbert excellently as a second lefty out of the bullpen. Ridding Ethier's money from an already bloated payroll could also be seen as victory.
In conclusion, there are positives for both teams in making this trade. Boston further remakes its squad, and Los Angeles adds a new All-Star to the outfield.

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  1. How well would a position change sit with Matt Kemp?