Thursday, March 15, 2012

Extension Invention: Philip Humber

Philip Humber rose from obscurity and failed potential to post a 3.5 WAR-season in 2011, putting him in the top 20 for that among AL pitchers (ahead of the likes of Ricky Romero, Max Scherzer, and Michael Pineda). A former first-round pick (#3 overall) once traded for Johan Santana, Humber may have showed the White Sox last season he's turned a corner and is on his way to becoming a valuable starting pitcher. For that reason, it may be a good time for Kenny Williams to lock up another pitcher for his future rotation. Below is a proposed extension for Humber. He would receive a slight raise on his 2012 salary, and then for the next three seasons see an annual $1.125m increase of his salary. If, during the life of that contract, he achieved certain stats, a fifth year would vest for another $1.125m increased salary. The max value of the contract would be $15.625m, which, not coincidentally, was Humber's 2011 WAR value. This proposal provides security for the pitcher and a low cost/risk for the White Sox.

Phil Humber
Amount ($ in millions)
2012 (Pre-Arb)
2013 (Arb 1)
2014 (Arb 2)
2015 (Arb 3)
2016 (FA 1) cl. opt.
5.375 (ex.) or
.25 (decl.)
5 yrs for $15.625m (ex.) — $3.125m AAV
4 yrs for $10.5m (decl.) — $2.625m AAV

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