Thursday, March 15, 2012

Extension Invention: Chris Sale

Chris Sale is another member of Chicago's rotation that could be locked up to pitch alongside John Danks and Philip Humber well into the future. While he's still two seasons away from even being arbitration-eligible, a long-term contract now could save the White Sox millions down the road. As a reliever, Sale posted the 12th-highest WAR among AL relievers (1.4 for a $6.5m value); imagine what he could provide as the full-time starter he's stretching out to be this spring. Below is the proposed extension, which, like Humber's proposed contract, contains a vesting clause. Based on Sale reaching certain milestones on the back end of his contract, he would have his 2017 salary vest, bringing the total value of the extension to $22.5m, spread over 5 years. While the security would be nice for Sale, Chicago paying him an average of $3.75m per year wouldn't be anything to complain about either.

Chris Sale
Amount ($ in millions)
2012 (Pre-Arb)
2013 (Pre-Arb)
2014 (Arb 1)
2015 (Arb 2)
2016 (Arb 3)
2017 (FA 1) v. opt.
7.5 (v.) or 0 (no v.)
6 yrs for $22.5m (v.) — $3.75m AAV
5 yrs for $15m (no v.) — $3m AAV

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