Thursday, March 15, 2012

Extension Invention: Addison Reed

Chicago GM Kenny Williams has rarely been compared to Dayton Moore or Andrew Friedman. Both these two executives work for small market teams (and Chicago is not that) and have a recent history of extending core players still considered prospects to long-term, team-friendly deals. These deals provide players and clubs financial security in fact. Now could be a good time for Williams to impersonate these two when it comes to Addison Reed, a closer candidate for the White Sox going into 2012. The young right-handed reliever is a top 100 prospect this year but only has 7 1/3 innings under his belt (along with 12 strikeouts) after a short September stint last year. Below is a extension proposal that could control Reed through at least 2016 for an average of $2m per season. During his three arbitration seasons, that could certainly mean savings on a potential closer. If he does his part, Reed could ultimately receive $28m over the life of the deal. Both sides could definitely be benefited from seriously talking about such deal.

Addison Reed
Amount ($ in millions)
2012 (Pre-Arb 1)
2013 (Pre-Arb 2)
2014 (Pre-Arb 3)
2015 (Arb 1)
2016 (Arb 2)
2017 (Arb 3)
2018 (FA 1) v. opt.
8 (v.) or .375 (no v.)
2019 (FA 2) cl. opt.
8.375 (ex.) or 2 (decl.)
8 yrs for $28m (ex.) — $3.5m AAV
7 yrs for $21m (decl.) — $3m AAV
6 yrs for $12m (no v.) — $2m AAV

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