Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trade of the Day: 2/2/12

Alright back to blogging after an extended hiatus. Many experts and analysts are pegging the Minnesota Twins to finish near the bottom (if not at the bottom) of the American League this year. This offseason they've made small patchwork moves, all of them unspectacular if not questionable in the least. Continuing along that line and in an attempt to read GM Terry Ryan's mind, I propose the following trade:

MIN receives P Kyle McClellan and P Adam Reifer
STL receives P Anthony Slama and P Brett Jacobson

This is a salary dump, plain and simple, for the Cardinals, freeing up some cash for them to sign Roy Oswalt. McClellan is known to have been on the block for a few weeks now. Reifer is an older and recently injured prospect, who, according to John Sickels, could rank as high as #15 in their system. I'm not sure why Slama's never gotten much of a shot with the Twins. His peripherals look decent if not above-average. Is he too walk-prone for his control-crazed team? Jacobson, once included in trades for Aubrey Huff and J.J. Hardy, is probably bound for no more than minor league depth at this point of his career.

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