Monday, July 12, 2010

Trade of the Day: 7/12/10

In the upcoming weeks leading to MLB's trading deadline July 31, I figured I would post each day two trades that should happen...on that very day. Here's today's deals that need to get done:

RANGERS: OF/1B Xavier Nady
CUBS: OF B.J. Upton
RAYS: P Ted Lilly, P Omar Beltre, P John Gaub

Why? Chris Davis is destined for a platoon position. Ryan Garko already failed at being his sidekick. Nady is a better option and a cheap one at that. Tampa Bay is just dying to run Upton out of town, so trading him for a second-half stud in Lilly will help shore their pitching for the second half and could provide draft picks after the season. Beltre and Gaub provide depth. With Upton, Chicago shifts Marlon Byrd to right, trades Kosuke Fukudome, and with Tyler Colvin now have a decent four-man outfield rotation. Without Upton, the Rays can call up Desmond Jennings. Finally. Finally.


YANKEES: P Roy Oswalt, OF Jayson Werth, $3m from HOU
ASTROS: IF Greg Dobbs, C Jesus Montero, P Zach McAllister, 1B Jonathan Singleton
PHILLIES: P Javier Vazquez, IF Pedro Feliz, P Manuel Banuelos, IF Corban Joseph

Why? Yankees do not want to take any chance of letting any team in baseball have any chance of winning the World Series. Not this year. Not next year. Oswalt and Werth will see to that. Yankees have to give up big talent for these acquisitions, but doing so at least forces Houston to take on a little of their ace's contract. I would too for Montero, McAllister, and the Phil's Singleton. Dobbs for Feliz is a neutral swap, though the 'Stros control Dobbs through 2011 in case a first base is vacant that year...see tomorrow's post! Montero can go to Round Rock until September's call-ups and work at some first base. With Singleton so young, Houston can experiment with where they want to position him, Montero, and Jason Castro for their foreseeable future. McAllister should slide into a rotation spot by the end of the summer. Now the Phillies. Why do this? Well, they know Werth is gone. Dominic Brown is ready and waiting in AAA. Feliz is depth and a defensive bench option while Chase Utley and Placido Polanco recover from injuries. Banuelos and Joseph are good prospects for their system, which GM Ruben Amaro is errantly obsessed with. Still, with Ryan Howard's new mammoth contract, Singleton is a prospect easy to part with. Vazquez is better than Joe Blanton and Jamie Moyer and still leaves the Phillies the option of bringing back Pedro Martinez. Again, to Amaro's delight, Vazquez, a Type A free agent after the season, will net them two first round picks, just as Werth would have done.

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